About the Founder

Mr. S K Bangur

He is an eminent industrialist hailing from the Bangur family-scions of industry and noted philanthropists. He is the Chairman of West Coast Paper Mills Ltd, He has been actively involved with the activities of Indian Paper Manufacturer’s Association and has also been President of the same. He is also a Committee Member of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Indian Chamber of Commerce and Bharat Chamber of Commerce.He is also associated with various charitable and philanthropic organisations carrying on the tradition of the illustrious Bangur family.

He is also on the Board of (i) West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., (ii) Fort Gloster Electric Limited, (iii) Gloster Telecom Ltd., (iv) Mothola Company Ltd., (v) The Diamond Company Ltd., (vi) The Indra Company Ltd., (vii) Kilkotagiri And Thirumbadi Plantations Ltd.